Monday, November 11, 2019

Still thinking - Where to start the A-series?

This weekend we're probably playing AD&D on our normal gaming day. We haven't played AD&D yet this year so I'm keen to get some in.

It will be some or all of the A-series.

I'm still waffling back and forth on where to start the A-series.

The A-modules are mostly broken into parts. There are:

A1 - part A
A1 - part B
A2 - part A
A2 - part B
A3 - part A
A3 - part B
A3 - part C
A4 - part A

I'd also use A4 - part B even though it's not part of the tournament.

A1 - part A has some fun elements to it, and it's a good starting point.

Part B, though, I've used before and several of my players have been through it.

A2 - part A has one of the best set piece fights but also can be a bit of a drag. I'm not sure it's a good place to start.

A2 - part B is a mixed bag, like A2 - part A. But it does have great elements to it and I definitely want to use it.

A3 - A4 are all great. But they're best as a payoff, not a starting point (especially A3 Part C and A4)

I could do bits - put A1 A on top of A2 B and go from there, but then I lose some of the fun bits of A2 just to pass by stuff I've done before.

I'm thinking either skip right to A2 - part B, or start right at the beginning. If we play quickly, it's basically 1 session per part. Possible 1/2 of a session if my players actually get into a real groove (likely with some parts, incredible unlikely with A2 - part A).

It's temping to do this and break it out over time, so we can really say we did the A-series as a tournament style. It'll just take a lot more than 1 session.

Anyone have any thoughts? Especially if you've run them or played them? Please avoid spoilers; my players read my blog and will read these posts. They won't dig around for spoilers but I can't stop them from accidentally stumbling across them in their normal act of keeping up with my gaming writing.

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