Friday, May 21, 2021

Random Links and Thoughts for 5/21/21

Some posts for Friday.

- The Delvers to Grow Kickstarter is still ongoing, with only 4 days left to expand the funding and backer base.

- Woohoo, I got into the GURPS Elves playest! I wasn't really doubting I would, but I am still happy that I did, if that makes sense.

- I got Kromm's new book on demons. I'll read it this weekend. I'm sure it's good. I'll find out after I read it how much fits Felltower and its already-established demons.

- This isn't gaming, but it's awesome - the Akira Bike Slide and its copies.

Akira has a special place in my memory. The comics were groundbreaking in the US. I finally got to see the movie when I was in Japan. I was really struggling with my Japanese . . . and to my happiness and relief I could understand the characters in Akira without subtitles. They spoke like my MMA gym buddies spoke, and so I was used to listening to that level of (im)politeness in Japanese. Also, it was really cool. So Otomo Katsuhiro has a special place in my regards, right next to Matsumoto Leiji. And yes, I put family names first for Japanese people. The opposite sounds weird to me now.

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