Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Writing Update

Busy week writing, so my posting here might be intermittant. - I'm 30-35% done with one project. - I'm tackling a major section in the other. - Two projects at one time is helpful for when I need to switch gears, but still, I don't think I'll do this again with these size projects. - Formatting is always the toughest part. - So is, oddly, the fixed, known crunchy details. You can't just write down what you think, you need to go look it up and ensure the wording and numbers are exactly right. "Close enough" is good enough with creative work. Sure, you chose words that weren't as good or elegant as they could be, and that guy would look better with a red shirt than a brown one and you could have had a theme going in the work. But it's not wrong. Crunchy can easily be wrong. - If you combine crunchy with formatting, your time evaporates faster than you can say, "Did I stay up all night playing just one more turn of Civilization?" Still, I like where these two projects are going.

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