Sunday, August 1, 2021

No Game Today

Sadly, we ended up with no game today.

This was for several reasons:

- a short crew (just 4-5 people)

- half of the crew didn't have any backup characters ready

- no one had an idea of what to do, except a single vote for the Jester Gate, which I shot down because it was brought up less than 24 hours before game, and I didn't have time to finish prepping that for a "maybe we'll do that." I specifically didn't want to play if much of the session was going to be people floating and shooting down ideas.

In a way, this is all ironic. The game used to be a full crew at 4-5 people, everyone had a backup character ready, and no one wanted to have a risky delve with brand-new guys because they're not tough enough to risk the stuff that the regular crew is also too careful to tackle . . . because of fear of loss, presumably. So game was torpedoed by all the things it's fundamentally designed to avoid - needing a large group of people, needing your "A" character, and having something specific to do. Oh well.

I got a lot of non-gaming things done, which was useful, but wasn't Felltower. Oh well.


  1. And you didn't just say "Right you lot, make characters real quick, here's the Adventurers book, choppy-choppy"?

    1. No one had a real plan of what to do, so no. They'd certainly want to have a plan before they made characters so the new ones suited the day's delve, and without characters no one had a plan. Catch-22.

  2. What? But that's not the point. Paper mans don't have to be fine tuned to deal with the challenges they //hope// to face, they should just make paper mans and throw them down the eternally hungry hole that is Fellotwer in the hopes of eventually filling it to the brim with their overflowing corpses.


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