Friday, May 6, 2022

Links for 5/6/2022

A few links for Friday:

- This post convinced me to finally add a copy of The Traveller Book to my Traveller collection. I have the Deluxe Traveller books, the much less good Starter Traveller books (I still feel a little ripped off by that . . . it was $12 when that was a lot of money for me to save up . . . I should have gotten Deluxe for $20 a few months of saving later.)

It didn't hurt that I had a gift card just sitting here collecting literal dust.

I will probably never play Traveller, but, like Star Frontiers, holds a special place in my heart. Both really fit what I like to see in my "hard" science fiction. I was really happy to get a chance to do some editing on some Traveller books for GURPS, too.

On a tangent, Star Ace is what I like to see in "soft" science fiction. Kelibor are so fun - giant psionic bears - but so, so costly in GURPS terms.

- I wondered how Bones VI was doing. It's over. I just lost track of when that would be . . . I was out, anyway. It looks like it did about half of what Bones V did - ~9K backers and $1.7 million vs. ~18.5K backers and $3.3 million. I wonder if that's a blip or a market or demand change.

- I might need this book:

( affiliate link)

You know, for times when you can't remember how Dorcas connected to Severian or what cacogen means. A searchable Kindle or PDF version would be most useful, a print book most enjoyable.

- Just a note that I almost forgot to go check Forge for updates. I try to regularly update just because I don't want to suffer old bugs longer than necessary.

- I'm thinking I should finally re-install and play Torment: Tides of Numenera. Maybe after the NHL playoffs.


  1. "You know, for times when you can't remember how Dorcas connected to Severian or what cacogen means."

    Without clicking the link I'm guessing Book of the New Sun... Dorcas and cacogen don't mean much (or rather they have far too many or completely mundane connections), but Severian is just rare/special enough it's probably either New Sun, Warhammer 40K, Final Fantasy, or a really obscure biblical scholar... so for you, I'm betting it's New Sun related.

    1. Yes, New Sun. I figured people would click on the link and see it was a New Sun companion book.

    2. (( Full disclosure, I did clicky the linky right after I mentally made the prediction. Then I googled Severian to make sure it was as rare as I thought (a little less rare, I only knew of the New Sun and WarHamster connection) and that Dorcus and cacogen were far less rare/mundane...

      It's just nice to have the old brain work properly so I shared it's proper working s here. ))

  2. How did you feel Starter Traveller was a rip off? I think it's the best version of Traveller. The Traveller Book is also excellent, putting everything in one cover, but I have a preference for the small booklet format. The content is identical to the original Traveller (with two rules omitted that I've found) but is infinitely better organized. The original of Traveller was based on the original of Dungeons & Dragons, and like that was an utter mess. Starter kept the goodness of the rules but put it back together in a way that could actually be read and used practically.

    1. Mostly because the other Traveller books I picked up referred back to Book 1, 2, 3 and left me struggling to find the reference in Starter Traveller. It would be somewhat like having the Holmes Basic set but then the rest of the BECMI line and having to figure out differences neither line will point out for you. Not in terms of rules quality, or anything like that, just when you're sent to Book 2 and you have no idea what's in Book 2 as opposed to 1 or 3, you get lost. That wasn't helpful to 10-11 year old me.


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