Sunday, May 22, 2022

It's good to be the king: Felltower & Status & Reputation

In my post Additions to Felltower - DF23 and DFRPG DTG I mentioned that we may use Rank or Status, if my players desire it.

So far, none do. But I gave Status and Reputation some thought about how they work.


In Felltower, Reputation is almost always Everyone, All the Time. I have no plans to use smaller subsets of recognition, either of groups or of frequency. I do expect people min-maxing town benefits to ask, but those two things are largely inappropriate for a megadungeon-centric game like Felltower.

Reputation works in and out of the dungeon. Every 5 point level gives a +1 to reaction rolls and +1 to rolls in town of most kinds. This also works in the dungeon, too. Not that people generally talk to the dungeon dwellers, but somehow it does matter that you have a reputation. There may be some mystical or supernatural effect that covers this.

Buying a Reputation means earning a reputation. You can either buy it when you've done some in-game deed that the GM feels deserves recognition, or pass on the option and forever lose the opportunity.


In Felltower, Status provides in-town and in-dungeon benefits.

In town, Status gives a +1 to all rolls in town.

Otherwise, Status works as in DF23. While the weapon carry rules do not matter, the inherent Claim to Hospitality (for example) does matter.

Certain in-game objects will only work - or only work to their utmost potential - when used by someone with the appropriate level of Status. These will largely be obvious. (I say this to avoid my players reading this, deciding Status +4 or something must be the solution to some puzzle that isn't a puzzle that they've found, and push to get Status +4 to try some door/secret door/magic item/etc. It is not.)

Purchasing Status, like purchasing Wealth, has a cost. The minimum point value and cost rules from DF23, p. 5, are in effect.

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