Saturday, April 1, 2023

Ruby Rohd of Dismissal

Here is a proposed magic item from our Felltower game, from back when Ulf was still alive and had Dismissive Wave.

Ruby Rohd of Dismissal

Physically, this is a handsome ebony rohd with leopard-skin wrapped handle topped with a golden sphere. When waved about, it makes a "bzzzzzz!" noise of disgust and dismissal. This allows the wielder to cast Banish-20, or gives a +3 to their own Banish casting, whichever is better. It also adds +3 to Exorcism attempts. If the wielder also has Voice and/or Charisma, these also add +2 and +1 per level, respectively, to either roll.

Origin: Cosmic, er, Comic, either way.
Price: $100,000 or 1 multi-pass.

I blame andi jones for this.


  1. I came up with Rod of the Hedgehog for D&D. Defensive bonus, mostly, stuff that wasn’t worthy of the physical description: Bigger than other rods.

  2. Just gonna ... YOINK!

    Definitely have to add this to a future DF game and see if anyone gets the reference.


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