Sunday, December 10, 2023

A Felltower shot clock?

In discussion of my post yesterday, Doug showed us these plug-ins for our VTT-based Felltower game:

Literal shot clocks, here - timers for your turn before it skips you.

I think we've all agreed that this wouldn't be fun, especially if the clock didn't allow for extension or pausing as you deal with interface issues and adding modifiers to the roll modifier bucket.

Maybe even then it wouldn't be too fun.

I actually think my players generally make pretty quick decisions, but the mechanics of the game slow things a bit. And yes, all too often (as in >0 times) people change their mind after the roll is calculated. I'd prefer people just commit and take the roll that comes.

I don't want to force everyone to just move along . . . I just it better when "**** it, I take the shot" beats out "Let me choose the maximally best option for this turn based on group consensus and math."

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