Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday Roundup for 12/1/2023

Random links to end the week.

- I missed a GURPS post yesterday for Thursday; I was just solidly busy until late and forgot. I generally don't like to miss posts, but it'll have to wait. It was conceived of but not written so it's not as simple as hitting "post." Next week.

- I pulled up my copy of Polyhedron #12 thanks to this post on Grognardia. I was intrigued about the "how to describe maps to mappers" article by Frank Mentzar, author of D&D and one of my favorite articles to talk about. I was . . . underwhelmed.

Pretty much, he describes how to walk through a map, using some shared vocabulary, to very exactly describe the room for mapping. So detailed, in fact, that my first thought was, why not just show them your map? It's really, really detailed and very exacting. If you're not going to be hitting the basic description so they can visualize it, just show them the map.

Oh well.

- Logic. Liches must be able to taste ice cream, otherwise, what's the point?

- Known Lands of Labrynth Lord hexmap.

- Maybe one more game in 20023. Feels like it was a very thin year for gaming.

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