Thursday, December 7, 2023

Notes on the Magic Items in Felltower

I noted in the comments on my magic items post that the PCs need to delve deeply, boldly, but cautiously to find magic items.

I'd like to expand on that.

The reason why this is the case is simple:

The upper levels have been largely scoured for magic items. Not everything has been found . . . but for the most part, the major magic items have been found.

If the PCs want the stuff that hasn't been found . . . it's deeper, or beyond gates.

Agar's Wand? It's out there.

Atregex's items? Go deeper.

Frenzy? It's not hidden in some nook on level 1, I'll say that for sure.

Grimslaughter? Same.

The PCs have missed items, behind the Unopenable Doors, in the Lost City, in the Cold Fens, and in Felltower. But mostly, they're deeper than people are willing to go. If they want better stuff, especally epic, unique stuff . . . it's going to take some deeper delves.

I have restocked the upper levels, so there are things to do up there, but it's not going to inclue too many unique, powerful magic items. Those are down deeper. With the nastier, more formidable monsters.

Have fun . . . the only way your paper man is getting more powerful magic items in GURPS in by risking their paper lives.

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