Monday, February 5, 2024

Early Champions Bundle

There is an early - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition - Champions Bundle over on Bundle of Holding.

I'm considering getting this. The regular, not expanded version.

I own almost all of the Champions books in the original mix - maybe all of them, I'm not certain about one enemies book. I don't own the screen. All of them are paper, not PDF. I own almost all of the adventures - I'm only missing Stronghold, that I know of.

I didn't get the play very much Champions back in the day . . . but getting the 1st edition boxed set was extremely formative in my gaming experience. I just loved making up super heroes and super villians, and plotting a potential game. I just couldn't get people on board . . . they either wanted to play Marvel or DC superheroes, but not both, and usually not their own made up ones. Plus I'm not as good at plot and story and character as I am at mechanics and open settings and game balance, so I don't think I'd be a great GM. But I loved the system and deeply enjoyed making up NPCs. I liked the adventures, and read them several times. So this is very much in my nostalgia wheelhouse. The question is, do I need them on PDF?


  1. I have pretty much the entire run up until the blue hardcover (3rd edition?). It was my first point-based system, and I ran it pretty much exclusivy until the 90's, when I discovered GURPS. It has its limitations, but it does superheroes better than almost anything I can think of.

  2. These days I would use either Ascendants or a hacked Sorcerer for superhero games, depending on the GMing style we’d want.

    1. I'd go with MSH, aka FASERIP, except that while it does play extremely well, chargen is was awful in the versions I saw. Played so smoothly, though.


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