Friday, February 9, 2024

Links for 2/9/2024

Here a few things you might not want to miss this week:

- Trollsmyth is thinking about one-roll combat. Not one-roll attacks, but one-roll combat. Like a wargame, in a way, where you settle an enagement for both sides with one roll.

- A review of N4 Treasure Hunt, which features 0-level characters who achieve 1st level as they adventure. I enjoyed this one a lot, and we used it for AD&D and for GURPS a few times.

I stole one of the idea from it - the twisted wish - in Felltower.

- Here is a look about an alternative to Battlesystem for 1st edition AD&D mass combat. The article he mentions, "One Roll, To Go" was extremely helpful in semi-mass combat in my campaign back in the day.

1 comment:

  1. Ultimately I think that the binomial alternative has a place in D&D-style combats to cover that in-between space of too many characters to easily roll each one separately, but too few to make an interesting miniatures battle at the 10:1 scale (well, sliding scale with Battlesystem, and to a lesser extent Book of War) of miniatures games like Book of War, Swords & Spells, or the two editions of Battlesystem. But it took me writing my thoughts out in that article to come to that conclusion, and then I'd done all that writing and figured that other people might find other uses for the process I went through.


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