Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday thoughts & links

Links and thoughts for today.

- Still no time to write this week. Lots of prep work for work, basically. I enjoy my job but when I'm working and not gaming, I write less about gaming.

- Starting HP in D&D-based games is always a thing. We rolled when I first played back in the day. We may have re-rolled 1s, because I don't ever remember anyone with a 1. We switched to max HP at 1st level somewhere along the line. I've similar ideas to this one from Aeons & Augauris before,but instead of on your Prime Requisite it's usually based on CON, but that just makes a good CON score critical for all classes. I prefer to play a game with fixed HP per level, or peferably, no levels and just fixed or purchased HP.

This approach might really work for someone reading so I wanted to make sure it was seen.

- Doug's crowdfunded DFRPG solo adventure continues to fund.

Back in the day, we only used the term "solo adventure" for one player with one PC, actually. It wasn't even considered totally solo if you were bringing henchmen (which didn't see much use, honestly, until we were older). But that said, "one player, multiple characters solo" was a thing - UK5 Eye of the Serpent was one of those. Just an aside . . . so when people would brag that they "solo'd" some module - S1, S2, T1-4, etc. I'd always stick a mental caveat that, well, if "solo" was one PC but a pile of leveled NPCs and fodder you could expend . . . it was much like how the Sheriff of Rottingham fights a duel. "So, it's come down to this, has it? A fight to the death. Mano a mano, man to man. Just you and me and my GUARDS!"

- This is amusing. Rust monster pets are a thing waiting to happen.


  1. It's kind of funny... the original solo adventure we did was Vampire Hunter Belladonna, and we gave her a zombie henchcreature as a bit of help. That was a true solo. Then we did Dark Lord's Doom (which is being turned into Saethor's Bane) and the four-character unit was the unique thing. Dragon Hunt! was meant to be a solo ... but then we found you needed ALL THREE pregens to survive the thing, so it became one of those things where the "typical" Gaming Ballistic solo embraces troupe play ... but we didn't start out to do it that way.

  2. Kabuki Kaiser's Ruins of the Undercity and Mad Monks of Khartoum are great solo generators for troupes. A good deal of Northport is based on them.


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