Wednesday, February 28, 2024

How is Saethor's Bane doing?

Doug's Kickstarter for a DFRPG solo play adventure is going well. At the moment, it's at $18,169. It's stretch goal is $21,000 for full color. I don't think that will be a real obstacle - even at $10 for a basic pledge, adding another $2900 doesn't seem out of line.

Doug can probably speak better to how the curve of funding goes. But I'm thinking I'll be getting a full color PDF when it comes out.

I am debating upgrading to print . . . but I have 10 days to consider that. Maybe if a little more funding is needed at the end - I'm just trying to avoid shipping costs these days, as beautiful as the book that Doug releases are in physical form.

Please take a look at the Saethor's Bane campaign and consider backing it.

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  1. With Kickstarter proper, one can usually count on about half to all of the first day or two funding total showing up in the last three days. For this one, that would be anywhere from $4,000 to as much as $12,000 depending on how many see it.

    With Backerkit Crowdfunding, the network effects are smaller. Nightmare Fuel - my only other project on the platform - attracted about 40% of the first day's total. That would still make the stretch goal, but as always the key is reach.


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