Friday, December 14, 2012

Dragonlance Draconians in GURPS terms

So I've been doing a review of things you can salvage from the old Dragonlance adventures.

But what if you want to use Draconians, you play 4th edition GURPS, and you are lazy?

Well, in steps Collective Restraint of the Gemstone Calculator fame.

However, they are pretty weak as far as monsters go. Pretty weak as far as fodder goes, for a DF game.

If you're going to use these for DF

- bump up their stats and weapon skills. They need to do at least 2d damage swinging (so ST 13+) and have weapon skill 15+ to be a threat to PCs in any way. You might just want to use them as an additive template and make them all Guards (62-pointers from DF15) and Brutes or Killers, or perhaps for Baaz, Apprentices (all 125-pointers from DF15) for the leaders or veteran troops.

- nudge up their Magic Resistance a little, so they actually annoy wizards who try to cast on them. I'd go with Magic Resistance 5, it's the first level that bugs wizards in my games.

- consider adding a little bit more damage to their death throes. Right now they don't stack up to Doomchildren (from DF2), and might just get shrugged off instead of handled with some care.

Otherwise, it's a good start and they'll simplify using them greatly. Grab the templates, do some quick mods, and send them in waves after your DFers!

Postscript: A new issue of Pyramid magazine dedicated to Dungeon Fantasy is out. I have two articles in it. You can find the magazine for sale here, and a discussion of it on the SJG Forums. I'll discuss the issue here once I finishing reading it cover-to-cover.

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