Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Salvaging Dragonlance: DL6 Dragons of Ice

More in my series of looks at the old Dragonlance modules, and what you can salvage from them for use elsewhere.

DL6 Dragons of Ice - this adventure is a super-railroad. Almost everything is scripted, down to how the PCs feel about the things that happen. And no matter what the PCs do, they'll start in the same spot and end in the preordained destination.

What's useful?

Not very much.

Outdoor Map - if you happen to need an outdoor map with a twin map for the players to use, of a once-port city near a glacier, this module comes with an attractive one.

Indoor Map - the frozen Icewall Castle is tiny - just a handful of rooms. It might make a good lair or side encounter as part of a bigger wilderness journey.

Monsters - this adventure has the Thanoi, which are big walrus men. They function more-or-less as ogres with a bite attack, but they are certainly unique. Salvageable for an ice world or the cold regions of your world.

Magic Items - the frostreavers are interesting - axes of pure deep glacial ice that function as +4 weapons, as long as they always stay below freezing. So are the glasses of the arcanist - special reading lenses that let you read any language, but if you fail your intelligence roll it confuses one word per fragment read (so miss by 5 and 5 words are misread). It's a fun mechanic. A dragon orb shows up here too, if you wanted to use them in your games.

Otherwise, that's it. Unless you find this in a deep bargain bin, it's the thinnest actual adventure so far.

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