Thursday, December 13, 2012

Salvaging Dragonlance: DL7 Dragons of Light

A look at the next installment of the Dragonlance adventures for lootable parts.

DL7 Dragons of Light

What is worth using elsewhere?

Maps. As usual, there are some maps to steal. The first is a small map of a single hex of wilderness, where the dungeon of the module is set. It has some potentially interesting elements - a small ruin, a bigger dungeon, a bridge to cross between. It could be a good "immediate area outside the dungeon" map, assuming you light the dungeon map.

A Dragon-Shaped Dungeon There is a relatively small dungeon in here, with only a handful of real encounters - but it's in the form of a stone dragon statue, with lots of interesting bits in it. It's pretty unique. The front cover of the adventure is by Elmore, in a really pretty piece, and an inset picture shows you which level is where on the front cover's illustration. So they turned the front of the module into a show-piece for the players.

Monsters. There is a pretty interesting guardian that is tougher or weaker depending on the number and alignment of the attackers. Interesting and unusual.

There is also the fourth of the various draconians listed here for the first time. Besides a re-appearance of the Baaz draconians, you get the Sivak. The Sivak are 9' tall shapeshifters. They shapeshift into the form of anyone they kill, or anyone that kills them, until they disintegrate days later. The latter was explicitly put in to give even more chances for an obscure death ("Oh, that wasn't my corpse, it was a draconian I killed.") But it's a potentially fun monster to use elsewhere. Oh, and if the killer/victim is too big or non-humanoid, they just burst into flames and then become ash. They're probably the least fun of the draconians, but they aren't bad.

Magic Items. There are dragonlances, dragon orbs, and a magical holy statue that opens doors and heals people in a given radius while singing. That's kind of cute, in the sense that it's dangerous to use when sneaking around but so useful you might do it anyway.

Otherwise, that's it - another thin one that lacks some of the cool cartography of the earlier ones but which really uses the front cover art well.

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