Saturday, October 5, 2013

Upcoming Dungeon Fantasy Article PSA

As mentioned by Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, he and I collaborated on a new Dungeon Fantasy-related article for Pyramid magazine.

When it'll come out, I don't know. But when I mentioned springboarding off of other people's ideas, it was that right there. I had an idea percolating, based on my game, and when I saw Sean's stuff, it really got my ideas to coalesce nicely. And I know he took one of my ideas and went somewhere with it I'd never have gone on my own . . . but should have.

What is the article all about?

Naturally, it's fantasy game and combat related, because it's Sean and me.

So it'll be some more stuff to spend you DF characters hard-won experience points on, if you survive the dungeon . . .


  1. Some of the recent feedback I've received on the very, very basics of Technical Grappling led me to an article I think will take a scant few hours to bang out, but will be colossally useful to people, TG or no. Even some of the kvetching on the boards recently has spawned an idea that can be turned into something interesting.


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