Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bones Kickstarter II

So as you can see by the sidebar of this blog, and probably everyone else's blogs, the second Bones kickstarter is underway.

I'm already in, because they learned a critical lesson - sell early adopters faster shipping.* I pledged almost immediately, after some annoying errors trying to get Kickstarter to tell to let me pledge.

So far it looks good - skeletons I can use, interesting monsters, lesser demons I can use, some "character" figures I can trade or use. I like the Bones for their relative cheapness as playing pieces, and although I haven't plowed through what I got the first time I can always use more. After all, I have minis I bought over a decade ago waiting for paint (some even older - unpainted lead from my 1980s boxed sets), but always handy if I suddenly need a figure of that particular pose and type.

I'm glad they color-coded the a la carte add-ons vs. the core stuff.

I'm a little ambivalent about the "Core Expansion" set idea, though - $50 for a new ever-growing pile of minis is a good deal. But already there is about half of it I really want, in bunches (Derro! Dragon-turtle-thing! Whatever those demon-things are!) and others I don't need even one of (scorpion, dragon, stone giant). So it becomes a real question - do I crack my budget and get it, hoping to trade away the extras for something useful? Do I pass and hope I can get the components of the set I want for less than $50 retail? This is why I passed on the Dwarven Forge kickstarter - lots of stuff I wanted, but bundled with stuff I'll never use, so I'm better off waiting . . . even if the per-item price goes up a lot.

That's annoying, really. Like I said, I have a budget - and now I can't pick only the stuff I want (those water elementals might be nice, I love the rat-men) if I also get that combo. I almost need to find someone to pre-trade with - "you buy the rats and I'll give you X, Y, and Z from the core expansion." That's tricky, though.

Still, I'm pretty happy with the kickstarter and I hope more people jump in. I'd be happier with pre-paints, but Bones are good enough.

* By the way, nothing discourages me more as a backer than limited-run cheaper versions of a backer benefit that is sold out. $25 for the first 1000 guys, $30 after? If I see that and the $25s are gone, I probably don't back the kickstarter because I feel cheated paying $5 extra. Rewarding speed in with speed out, though, that I can get behind - I don't feel like I'm cheated out if I get in late, just getting on line a further down than the others.


  1. I agree with you on the Core Expansion Set, but I'm hoping that the additions to that are some decent minis to make it worth the 50$ Im totally on board for the dragon turtle and derro though! The big troll guy is cool and I can use the stone giant too. Im whatever about the scorpion, dragon and little Mike Swbowski Monsters Inc minis..

    1. I like the derro, the dragon-turtle, the monsters inc. looking guys, and that's about it. The add-on batch for them isn't stuff I need, either - I have lots of zombies, and more mummies and Egyptian-themed types than I really need.

      So it's looking like I will pass on it.

      $50 would mean 5 x $10 add-ons too - and there are a lot of nice ones.

    2. I'll probably drop the $50 because it would probably cost that much to get what I want as individuals, but this way I get them a lot earlier and I have a few extra potential trade pieces.

    3. Makes sense. It's just that I'm not sure that what I want is worth $50. The more I look, the more it's just the dragon turtle, the derro, and I'm sure I can find some use for those Monsters Inc. looking dudes. That's not nearly $50 worth, and what's been added so far just doesn't cut it. Maybe if they reach 1.7 mil and add something awesome to it, I'll reconsider!


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