Friday, October 4, 2013

Felltower's Cone-Hatted Cultists

Here are four of those cone-hatted cultists the PCs have interacted with a couple times in my DF game.

Cone Hatted Cultists

They're just Mordheim Possessed, as far as I can remember. I bought them because of how cool they looked, and painted them up with a clear aim to use them as crazed cultists in a game. When I started in on Felltower, I went right for them as my go-to crazies and baked them right into the system.

They are covered with a few layers of "Tapestry Wine" craft paint, and shiny highlight details (skulls, glossy black weaponry, silvered metal studs) to bring out the black and red. They're nothing more than tabletop worthy, but they convey a real sense of "these guys worship someone bad" with the color scheme and that's all I needed.

I use a lot of Mordheim minis in my games. They've got a lot of personality, which makes for fun enemies or "are we sure about this guy?" hirelings.

These guys will be back, if only because I like the minis. And because crazed cultists come in mobs, not tiny groups.

I also started in on four of my Bones minis (and got pretty far), put final post-sealer touches on two more, and start-to-finish painted three more. It was warm the past few days, and I ended up with a little free time on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a tiny bit more last night. That was all I needed to get in two short but productive painting sessions.


  1. You did an excellent job on these, Pete. They look great!

    If I look a little "green," well, you know . . .


  2. Thanks! I'm glad they come across well in the picture. I wish I had like 8-10 more of them, but Mordheim minis aren't that cheap.


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