Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thinking about my Bones II backing out loud

I'm in on Bones II, as I discussed before.

I've been debating what beyond the basic Vampire set to get.

There are a lot of Dragons - I sure don't need dragons. Don't get me wrong, I like them. But I have dragon minis already. I even have a big Reaper dragon boxed set (Gauth), that I can't put together because I have no where to keep a giant fragile dragon. He's pretty much in the same place my 1/25 model Pzkw VI Tiger tank is in - in a box, until I own a house with room for a display case. Bonesium ones would be more convenient but how many dragons do I need and can I store?

The Kraken is the same - $15 for a giant freaking squid! Awesome! Except where do I keep it? It'd be hard to use in play, too.

Some sets just add things I don't want (mouselings) or have enough of (big demons) or paints or dungeon decor (cool, but I think I make my own). I wouldn't turn them down as free additions to the core but I won't pay extra to get them.

What should I get?

Maybe Lesser Devils because, hey, I can always use more supernatural demon things, and $10 for 2 big ones and a few small ones is a good deal.

The Oh Rats! set looks cool. Sadly they changed it from five little rat guys and a giant rat-man to four little rat guys, a dwarf (?), a gopher centaur, and a giant rat man. It's kind of disappointing because if I add this on I'm trading 1 mini I wanted for 2 I don't want. Kind of drags the value down for me. If I get this set that gopher dude and dwarf go right into the trade pile.

The Core Expansion #1 is an interesting idea - and from a shipping standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. You glom them together into a single SKU, basically, and it's either send one or don't send it. Smooths the fulfillment process.

But I'm still iffy on it. It's $50 for a lot of stuff, but most of it I don't want. I like that dragon turtle. I could use those derro (if only from nostalgia when I used them heavily in a previous game), and I like those hordlings. I also like the cultists from the final expansion. Oh, and the goblin leaders and mushroom men are pretty cool. I'm not sure I'm going to go for it - I'm leaning towards no. I think $50 will get me all the ones I like and none of the ones I don't. What I need to find is someone who wants the stuff I don't and split it between us.

I'm hoping they allow an a la carte additions later, so I can grab some of them. They might only let you do it if you have the Core Expansion they're from, which would suck. From the core Vampire set there are some things I could use extras of.

We'll see, but right now a lot is riding on letting me get stuff a la carte. I'd like to get my pledge all together and finalized during the Kickstarter, not after, to up the amount of freebie adds.

Lots to think about - and since I expect a U-shaped curve of pledges and a final surge (from folks like me, waiting to see what's really available), I may need to make those decisions very much last minute.


  1. I'm pretty much at the same place you are. I have enough dragons in metal already (including a couple that are desperately overdue for painting). I like the lesser devils but maybe not enough to buy them. The Core expansion contains about 7 figures I want (cultists, trolls, giants) and a half dozen figures that would be amusing to have (dragon tortoise, lions, mushroom men) but I'd rather have more copies of the ones I want and less of the miscellaneous other stuff. I expect most people are going to have similar priorities as me, so it's going to be hard to trade as everyone will want to swap away the goroloth thingy for the mushroom men.
    In the end, it makes more sense to buy $50 of mushroom men and lion Bones from Reaper next year than to fund the Kickstarter through the Core Expansion.

    I wish we could swap elements of the Core set. I'd happily get rid of all the Pathfinder Heroes, Villains, Gods, Allies, Bobs or whatever for more Sylvan creatures or Lesser Demons. I already have too many unpainted generic adventurers and humanish enemies from the first Bones, not to mention my earlier collection.

    1. We should compare lists on the Core Expansion. "Must have or it's not worth it," "Amusingly to have" and "Don't want at all." Maybe between us there is enough. I know you're good for a trade after the first KS.

      And I hear you on the Pathfinder heroes, certainly. They are cool, but really pretty specific to a kind of heroic fantasy I don't play. I could use the chaos knights, but the others I can take or leave, Some others are like that - after the last KS, I have plenty of sci fi dudes and heroic looking elves and dwarves.

      I'm probably going to put all the bugbears up for trade, too, unless I fall in love when they get here and make them into Giant Hairy Orcs or something just to use them. ;)

    2. Here's my keep list for the various sets. Things marked with * are amusing but could be traded away. Things marked with ** are ones I'd like more copies of and would trade for. Everything else is pure trade fodder.

      The various animals*, the lizardman, the 4 armed pilot fish-guy** from the Core set; the Mace and shield guys, gnolls with flails, and zombies from 24 Bonus Figures; all of Dungeon Monsters* (Grik**), Gnolls and Bugbears**, Bully For You**, Beast Mode!*, Lesser Demons**, the Centaurs** from Sylvan Creature, Savage Worlds, Pulp Action, Swamp Things, Dragon Hatchlings*.

      From the Core Expansion (which I don't currently intend to get):
      Mountain Troll*, Dragon Tortoise*, Hordlings*, Stone Giant, Male and Female Lions**, Zombies*, Ice Troll, Mushroom Men**, Barrow Wardens*, Cultists*, Demi-Lich*.

      I used to be a bit low on zombies, ghouls, and ghasts, but after two Bones sets I'm rapidly getting to the point of "my, I have too many of these dang things." Which ironically is one of the things that makes the Core Expansion less attractive: more zombies!

    3. Hmm. I haven't really thought too hard about the Vampire wants, because my thoughts have gone towards extras not what to trade at the end.

      From what you listed, I'm probably going to trade away the smaller animals (I have bears and cars already) but not the wolf or rats (I can always use more of those), the mummies (maybe, I might have enough already), the dungeon pillars, and maybe some of the characters. I do want more of Bully for You, Dungeon Monsters, Beast Mode (yay, goatmen and minos!), Lesser Demons, and the Savage Worlds monsters. Not certain, though - some I'd trade for, others I will pledge for if I can.

      In the Expansion, though, I have a very clear idea of what I want. Mine are:
      Mountain Troll, Derro** Dragon Tortoise**, Hordlings**, Stone Giant, Male and Female Lions, Egyptian Gods, Zombies, Ice Troll, Mushroom Men*, Barrow Wardens*, Cultists**, Demi-Lich, Dragon, Scorpion, Goroloth*, Goblins, Kobolds.

      To make it easier I bolded the ones I really want, italicized the ones I kind of want but would give up to get the bold stuff, and left the ones I don't care about having either way. I have that scorpion in metal (I bought scorpion-riding orcs for the orcs, for my warboars) and it's a cool sculpt, but I don't need another one.

      Take a look at that - if you think a split might work, and we can settled on who gets what, I'll pledge for it, and then we can split shipping costs 50/50 for me to mail yours to you when it gets there. Probably would work out to about $30 each. I need to see if I could get what I want for $30, though - depends on how much they charge for that dragon turtle at minatures-giant. :)

  2. I think the way to look at it is to decide "I'm willing to spend $X on this kickstarter, based on how awesome the first one was, and the offering this one has now, knowing it'll only get better." Pledge that now, and don't worry about trying to change your pledge amount when things are crazy in 18 days.

    With the last one, I changed which minis I wanted so many times it's not really worth trying to decide now.

    1. I can't operate that way after the first $100 - I have to analyze what I'm getting before I pledge extra. I need to both budget from my (fairly small) hobby budget, and choose where to apply that.

    2. Ahh, see for me I know I'll do $200. I've been waiting for this for a while, and that's what I've decided to spend. I'd love to do the $300 I did last year (worth every penny) but I don't think I can swing it. So my pledge is in and I'll pick later.

    3. I get you - I wish I could do that. But there is a "want to spend" line, a "could spend if the deal is great" range, and then a "can't spend more than this" line for me. I could pledge at the top of the middle range, but then near they end I'd be tempted to dial it back and I feel bad doing that. I don't want to think, I have X dollars I pledged and need to pick stuff. I'd rather have the money back at that point. :D


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