Saturday, October 12, 2013

My megadungeon "best" practices - Part IX

Poor sleep, hard work, and what feels like a cold conspired to derail my day today. But I managed to get a little work done on my megadungeon.

Even One Room Detailed is Progress - One real plus to a single, large, tent-post dungeon is that I can always do a little work on it and have that work be productive later. Even noting what's in one room, or detailing from notes, means I am a little better prepared for the next session.

So what is what I did. I worked on a couple of rooms. Nothing major, but enough to make them playable when the PCs show up. Which might be months from now, but I am a little closer to being ready when they are.

Corollary: You Can a Big Dungeon On One Room A Day - I don't have a need to do this, since I am so far ahead - but an interesting exercise for the folks who find they have a lot of dungeon to fill and little time would be to set aside time for 1 room a day, every day. Just knock off a single room every morning when you sit down to work, or check email, or whatever. Do it, move on to the work day.

That's how I get through my Japanese practice - 30 minutes a day. When I do it isn't so important as long as I do it. As long as it's stuff I need for the next level of progress, I do it. Plug away. Never miss a day even if it means getting up early or staying up late.

You can fill a 364 rooms a year at 1 per day, 728 at 2 per day. Even at 100 rooms per level, that's 7 levels ready to play for just minutes a day. And it's a lot less of an investment that 30 minutes a day, and the payoff is months and months of adventuring, since in a megadungeon the players will repeatedly visit the same rooms, and add their own touches the dungeon.

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