Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bones II Kickstarter - Final Stretch

The Reaper Bones II kickstarter is in its last few days. It will finish up Saturday at 7 pm EDT.

I'm pretty pleased with what my Vampire-level pledge will get me, but I've been underwhelmed so far with the Core Expansions. So far, anyway - I'd love some of those "town guard" (aka Anhurians, from the old DHL Army Packs), but I don't need them and I've got more cavalry than I will ever need.

Generally though the core expansions are nice stuff, worth $50, but there isn't $50 of stuff I want in any of them. Some of the add ons are very cool - the kraken, for example - but I'd never be able to use it in game. Nevermind being too big to store in my house once I finished assembling and painting it.

Still, I'm going to get a lot for my $100, and the possibly $50 worth of add-ons - Mashaaf, you I can use! - and duplicates I'll throw on will get me even more monsters for my collection.

I haven't been painting lately. I never paint when it's getting cold. Too bad since I have a few guys almost finished . . . but that is no reason to stop stockpiling minis!

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