Saturday, June 14, 2014

I see your Deluxe Car Wars, and raise you . . . almost everything.

So Erik Tenkar dug out his copy of Deluxe Car Wars.

So I went to my mom's house today on my way to a family party, and took a quick pair of pictures of my Car Wars box.

 photo CarWarsBox001_zpse0baa6e4.jpg

I didn't have time to unbox it and spread it out, but in there is:

- most of a run of ADQs, including many of the mailers (like the Ogre in Unlimited Class duels one on top).
- Deluxe Car Wars
- Dueltrack
- two pocket box editions of Car Wars, Sunday Drivers, and Truck Stock
- Convoy
- and every supplement up to 9, including all of the Uncle Albert's, Vehicle Guides, and arenas.
- Allston's Car Wars-compatible supplements
- Autoduel Champions
- a Kampfgruppe box and a Broderbund Ancient Art of War box, each filled with counters.

The only things not in there are both editions of GURPS Autoduel (on my shelf) and Boat Wars (in a box.) I don't have the Tanks supplement, though - that came and went before I could spend my money on it. Just as well, it came out at the tail end of us playing.

I miss playing the game. It got a little too gonzo at the end (too many fights with Can-Ams with laser-guided rockets and trikes with HESH-loaded RRs and sedans with blast cannons and such) but it was fun stuff. Many hours were spent playing out many seconds of death. Plus I still get reminded of the story "Serendipity" when some farging icehole tailgates me.

Sadly, nowhere in my also-stored GURPS 3e books could I find the updated GURPS Lensmen. I know I own it, playtested it, and read it, but I can't lay my hands on it. Everything else seems to be there but that one is not. I wonder where I stashed it?


  1. That's almost as much Car Wars stuff as I have. :-) I'm the annoying guy with everything you have (well, only single copies of the pocket box stuff), plus the full run of ADQ, Car Wars Tanks, all the AADA travel guides, and something from Task Force Games called _The Road_ (road sections).

    1. I don't have all of the ADQs or AADA travel guides. I figured Jeffro would chime in and say he had it all. :)


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