Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sell me on Fractal Mapper 8.0

Fractal Mapper 8.0 is on sale for $10 on RPGNow.

Fractal Mapper 8.0

I've checked it out, and checked out some of the videos. It looks very cool.

But I don't really need a world mapper so much as a good tool for mapping dungeons, caves, etc. - one I can use to blow them up and print them as sectional battle maps, even.

How is it for that? I haven't found a tutorial showing it being used to create either hex-based or square-gridded dungeons. Does such a tutorial exist, and if so, where?



  1. I have a copy and use it pretty often for fantasy games or when I need a battle map. It's quite useful - for $10 I'd grab it.

    1. Can I upload maps from, say, PNG or JPG scans and modify them?

      I'm wondering if I can't import my hand-drawn stuff and modify it within FM8.


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