Friday, August 26, 2016

Big new DF product on the horizon

So there is an as-yet-unknown Dungeon Fantasy product in production at Steve Jackson Games.

The news has come out in drips and drabs, but there is a post about it on EnWorld which has some information:

A Top Secret GURPS DUNGEON FANTASY Project Coming From SJG?

I'm a lot disappointed that the list of DF supplements at the end is incomplete. It's odd to read "This is what the original series of short PDFs consisted of:" - partly consists of, to be accurate. It leaves of DF 16, 17, 18, Denizens: Barbarians, DFM2, and DFM3. That's six books, two of which I wrote (my other three authored/co-authored ones are on the list.) It's a living series, by any account, with DF 19 in production review.

That's not the first I've heard of this, or the tie to DF. But I didn't really have anything I could share or link to - that post will do, though. I can be very reticent to discuss upcoming GURPS projects, because I can't always sort what I know because I'm freelancing for SJG and what I playtested that wasn't announced yet and what's public. Or what I've written, for that matter. So I try not to mention anything too specifically.

It should be good though - DF is a great deal of fun, and I'd like to see a large, high-impact product come and expand the player pool of the game. And hopefully the revenue stream of SJG - and thus, me, since I write books for them!


  1. This hype train is driving me 'nanners. If this Dungeon Fantasy secret project isn't b*lls to the wall awesome, I don't know what I'm gonna do with all these teased expectations.

  2. No mention of this?

    1. I am not current on the forums. I just drop in to the freelancer section. So thanks for linking that.

    2. You guys get your own forum? Damn. And I can't even buy space for my Pyramid articles.

      For further confirmation of the box:

    3. Got to have some place to talk about stuff only relevant to freelancers!

  3. Top Secret? Available off SIPR? That's an OPSEC violation :p

    Looking forward to it; DF isn't really the big thing for me right now, but more is always good.


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