Sunday, August 21, 2016

DF Session pre-summary

We played DF today. Summary will come tomorrow, since it's late and I work early on Mondays.

For now:

- we picked up a new player who'd been hoping to join, so we have a new wood elf thief in the group;

- some mapping was done, including (gasp) actually new areas bypassed before;

- there was a return to the room of pools, and a productive one at that;

- the PCs found the way through the maze;

- the PCs discovered the Black Library;

- Hasdrubel demonstrated that he really means it when he says he's evil. Or at least, willing to do "what needs to be done" when "needs" means "will benefit him personally;"

- and I'm not sure Larry the Crossbowman signed up for that.

Overall a really good session.

Summary tomorrow.

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  1. Peter, I had no idea it was coming up that big! This has to be a blogger vs WordPress translation issue!


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