Friday, January 19, 2018

I need a complete, searchable DF equipment list

Just a quick gripe for Friday.

More than anything else right now in my game, I need a single-document, searchable list of equipment. With everything. And editable, since my players only ever need gear that isn't in the books (a 35' rope ladder, a wheelbarrow smaller than the one in the book, not that kind of mallet, etc.)

I really don't have time to sit down and make one.

But I do need one.

GCA does a pretty good job of this for me, but it's not perfect.

Adventurers has a great list for the DFRPG, but it's missing later-added material and some things my players consider absolutely vital dungeoneering equipment.

I wonder if SJG would consider publishing one, if I proposed doing one. It seems like it would be high levels of organizing and word re-use and little actual value added in terms of new stuff. And I'm crazy busy these days thanks to work. But still, having a single PDF with everything would be excellent. Having a single editable, searchable list of everyone would be better still!

For now, though, especially for the stuff not in the books, I may need to dig out And a 10' Pole and come up with a price conversion to DF . . .

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