Thursday, January 25, 2018

Man-to-Man -> 4th Edition: Fiendish Frederick & Rogan the Reaver

Continuing on with the Man-to-Man sample fighters, revised to 4th edition GURPS.

Fiendish Frederick
Original: 100 points
4e: 114 points

[ 20] ST 12
[ 40] DX 12
[  0] IQ 10
[ 40] HT 14

Axe/Mace-14 [8]; Knife-14 [4]; Shield-12 [1]; Running-13 [1]

He carries 81 lbs of gear, putting him at Medium Encumbrance.

Speed 6.5
Move 3
Dodge 6 + Large Shield DB 3
Parry (Axe/Mace)-10 + Large Shield DB 3
Parry (Knife)-9 + Large Shield DB 3
Block-9 + Large Shield DB 3

Notes: Frederick saves points on HT, being one of the rare guys with HT 14 - which provided both HT rolls and HP back in the day. Note that HT was at least as popular as ST, often moreso, back in Man-to-Man. Running doesn't do what it used to - back in Man-to-Man it increased Basic Speed! I kept the effective skill level (13) not the points, which saved him one. He'd honestly be better off saving that one, too.

Rogan the Reaver
Original: 100 points
4e: 99 points

[ 20] ST 12
[ 40] DX 12
[  0] IQ 10
[ 20] HT 12

DR 2 (Tough Skin, -40%) [6]

Broadsword-14 [8]; Knife-13 [2]; Shield-12 [1]; Bow-12 [2]

He carries 58 lbs of gear, putting him at the exact upper limit of Light Encumbrance.

Speed 6
Move 4
Dodge 7 + Small Shield DB 1
Parry (Broadsword)-10 + Small Shield DB 1
Parry (Knife)-8 + Small Shield DB 1
Block-9 + Small Shield DB 1

Notes: Rogan is the only fighter to come out less than originally costed. He saves points on Bow going from P/H to DX/A, his Toughness DR 2 goes from 25 to 6, and his stats don't bring him up significantly despite the doubling of DX costs.

I think I'll continue this with the example characters from Basic Set 3e - 1/2 point skills, Mental skills moving up to 4/level cap from 2/level and Physical skills coming down from 8/level to match, attribute cost changes, advantage price changes - it could be interesting to see how they'd cost as modern PCs. I'm sure someone's done that, but I'll do it again myself.

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