Friday, January 5, 2018

Perk Name Confusion in GURPS

I love perks in GURPS. Nice little 1-point advantages that really make a difference in play and can really single out a character.

I love the names, too. I've made some of my own - Put It In His Eye, Not Done Killing, You're Next!

Sometimes, though, I find the names end up in a telephone game of confusion.

Here is one that happens a lot

Third Hand. "Can't you open the door with your third hand?" "Can he use his 'third hand' to open a bottle while he's holding a shield and axe?" Stuff like that. It's really Hold Small Object in Occupied Hand Without A Penalty, which is a terrible name, but would actually put paid to discussions with people who hear the name but don't know the wording and specific rules.

How about you guys, you get these issues with perk names?

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