Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Man-to-Man -> 4th edition: John Falcon & Villem the Vile

I pulled out my copy of Man-to-Man the other day, and looked at the four example fighters that came with the set. I naturally started to convert them to 4th edition GURPS in my head. How much would they cost?
I'm ignoring equipment costs, here, since that's setting-dependent (and in Man-to-Man, scenario dependent!)

Here is John Falcon, the first of them:

John Falcon
Original: 100 points
4e: 133 points

[-10] ST 9
[100] DX 15
[  0] IQ 10
[ 30] HT 13

DR 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]

Shortsword-16 [4]; Knife-15 [1]; Shield-15 [1]; Crossbow-17 [4]

He carries 38 lbs of gear, putting him at Medium Encumbrance.

Speed 7
Move 4
Dodge 8 + Small Shield DB 1
Parry (Shortsword)-11 + Small Shield DB 1
Parry (Knife)-9 + Small Shield DB 1
Block-10 + Small Shield DB 1

Notes: Like most Man-to-Man characters, his Shield score is optimized around 12 or 15 since Block was Shield/3, not Shield/2 (1e GURPS forward) or Shield/2 + 3 (GURPS 4th edition). He's actually just as defensive-oriented since he loses 2 PD from his armor and his shield drops from PD 2 to DB 1, but gains 3 base onto his defenses. He also saves a lot of points, albeit by doing something you can't do in 4e - buy DR 1 (Tough Skin) on a normal human. Man-to-Man costed "Toughness DR1" out at 10.

Net/net, his DX-heavy build pushed his cost up significantly! The lack of disadvantages, quirks, and non-combat skills limits the amount of cost changes, too. Man-to-Man was just a build-your-own-fighter game.

Villem the Vile
Original: 100 points
4e: 123 points

[ 30] ST 13
[ 60] DX 13
[  0] IQ 10
[ 10] HT 11

DR 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]

Polearm-15 [8]; Knife-14 [2]; Thrown Weapon (Knife)-14 [2]; Crossbow-16 [8]

He carries 69.5 lbs of gear, putting him at Medium Encumbrance.

Speed 6
Move 3
Dodge 7
Parry (Polearm)-10
Parry (Knife)-9

Notes: Like John, Villem has "Toughness DR1" and saves 7 points on the conversion, if you allow it. Also like John, he's very slightly above his weight threshold - if he'd drop one and a half pounds he'd gain movement and a point of Dodge. Since he's both less DX-heavy and stayed in the 11-13 range for ST and HT (now 10 points apiece, not tiered costed as in Man-to-Man) his overall cost only went up 23 points.

Tomorrow, Fiendish Frederick and Rogan the Reaver.


  1. I actually did my own conversions a couple of years ago. I'd be happy to share them with you, errors or no, if you care to PM me.

  2. I converted the sample characters from 3e Basic a while back - the point spread was pretty wide. Corwin was the trickiest because of the Toughness Advantage, Dai of course the most expensive.


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