Thursday, January 4, 2018

Modified Quick-Sheathe

A while back, I modified a perk for my game:

Quick-Sheathe normally allows an instant re-sheathing of a weapon with an appropriate Fast-Draw roll.

I find that a little generous. After all, taking a weapon out is a one-second process, and Fast-Draw cuts that down to instant. Putting one away is a two-second process, but Quick-Sheathe makes it instant with a skill roll and is useless otherwise?

Here is what I did instead:


Sheathing a weapon normally takes two seconds. You can put yours away in one! No roll is necessary, unless you're sheathing in close combat (make a DX roll for this normally.)

[Note this does not take specialization. You can get this one and use it on anything!]


And that's it. No instant available. If you like instant, just add that into my version of the perk. No reason why you should need Fast-Draw just to learn to put a weapon away faster. One point to put one away in one second is fair and useful, and on anything means it's just a flat out useful perk to have.

This makes "drop it!" and lanyards very useful choices, not just what people too cheap to dump a point in this perk get. Even guys good at putting their sword away quickly can benefit.


  1. There are apparently historical accounts of vikings looping a seax on their spear hand so that if an opponent got past the tip of the spear, they had a close-combat weapon to hand. Your aside about lanyards brought that to mind.

    1. Sounds like either an application of the Third Hand perk, or just sucking up the penalty for having a weapon hanging from your other weapon hand.

      You can probably make a Technique to partly or completely buy off the penalty for dangling a weapon while you use the same hand.


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