Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Recommended Reading & Watching 1/23/2018

Here are three things you may have missed that I think are worth checking out:

How Much Profit (& non linear $ amounts)
- If you've ever wondered why my "profit required" rules for our DF experience system are non-linear, you can read about why in the comments. Since this post is over six months old I'm sure few people are just stumbling across it, even the ones who might be interested.

Matt Finch interviews Erik Tenkar - a meandering conversation between Matt Finch (Swords & Wizardry) and Erik Tenkar (Tenkar's Tavern) about gaming and networks of gamers. I enjoyed it. Cat lovers will enjoy seeing a guest appearance by Erik's cat, pretty much every 5 minutes.

Rusty sword in attic found to be one of oldest blades in Japan - It's not unreasonable for even extremely valuable weapons in the real world to just end up stuck in the corner and forgotten and unidentified for a long time. One of the oldest curved swords in existence was sitting under a layer of rust in an attic. So it's probably not unreasonable for PCs to occasionally find amazing weaponry in out of the way corners or deep down in dungeons.

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