Thursday, November 4, 2021

Meteoric Roundup Post

Meteoric is one of those prefixes in DF/DFRPG that causes me a lot of headaches. I've never yet had anyone get a piece of meteoric gear without also coming in with a question about how it works. Here are all of the posts I can find on the subject for my game:

What good is Meteoric Armor?

Rules & Rulings from 1/3/21: Meteoric, Knife & Swashbucklers, and Silvering Meteoric

Another ruling from 1/4/21

Meteoric in my DF game

DF Felltower Gear: Meteoric Iron Bullets

And if you want to ensure a complete "seal" against a floor-based magical attack, you'll need plate armor footwear to ensure nothing gets through. That's a "new" ruling but I don't think it's inconsistent with anything I've posted, or with a sense of what magic-dead armor could actually do vs. magic that reacts to physical contact with the floor.

Meteoric costs a lot, and does a very narrow of things very well . . . and that's that. It's not terribly convenient to use in a magic-using party but it has its moments.

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  1. Star metal found in the wild (in my game) is usually in a low to no mana area, as the amount of pulverized meteoric iron permeating the area disrupts mana flow. This is not reproduceable by characters in any way. There are rumors that all of this substance was once part of an elder god (the squid end of the spectrum from the mana dependent pixies), and as such makes ideal power items for the pyramid hatted folk. I also have portable mana dead zones, in the form of sealed met. iron lockboxestgat prevent scrying through in addition to stymieing Lockmaster attempts.


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