Saturday, January 22, 2022

Felltower game prep

Felltower tommorow!

- I'm still struggling with mapping in Foundry. Rob Conley helped me a lot, but there is a gap between help and results when it comes to me. Heh.

- I've gotten another PC loaded properly into Foundry. It took some wrestling with GCA to get a talent correct, but I finally did it. I really need to sit down and convert everyone to GCA5 from GCA4. It's much better but still a bit of a foreign language to me.

- I'm still not sure where the PCs are going, but Galen is out sick with Gnollvid-19. His high HT means he'll recover fine but he's still out. Good thing he didn't pick up Trollvid during the Troll Wars!

- Gerry has 47 points saved. If he can swing 3 points this session, he'll get Mana Enhancer - our very first PC with it!

Should be a fun game, unless they scrape up 2 points and then vote Gerry MVP based on "He'll be MVP when he gets Mana Enhancer and we're in a NMZ!" Heh.


  1. I didn't expect you to allow Mana-Enhancer... but it is in the Power-Ups list for Wizards.

    I don't allow it, but I also don't have No Mana Zones (or No Sanctity Zones), I just do ever escalating penalties and increase the FP cost of spells... so yeah.

  2. Oh, I have Mana enhancers, no Mana zones , low and high mana zones and low to no to high sanctity zones, and artifacts that replicate some of these- when you were in the Abbey, evileyore, with your ogress, the dark one cleric was using The Monstrance of StLucian, which gave a 1 yard radius of high sanctity. The Hadereum and the guild both have no mana zones, although the plutocrats use theirs as a jail, and the guild uses theirs to befuddle Seeker spells.


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