Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pathfinder Kingmaker update

When I last left Pathfinder, I had insufficient rations for no reason I could see after wiping out most of the trolls in their lair.

I ended up restarting from a slightly earlier save, doing some odd tasks for a week, and then coming back after the trolls.

I was a slightly higher level - 6, not 5 - and loaded with the spells I knew I'd need.

I also found a completely ridiculous corrosive damage bow in the troll lair that I'd missed on my previous delve.

I didn't even need my extra rations. I did end up using something like 25 potions of cure light wounds, 4 scrolls/potions of cure serious wounds, and 8 potions of cure moderate wounds to make up for a few nasty critical hits.

But I went into the final fight with a good mix of spells . . . and crushed the head troll (although he did severely beat up my best armored fighter) and his ally. It wasn't even a worry, although it wasn't easy. As far as I can tell, I short-circuited a whole series of events that would have happened had I just let the menace sit. But that didn't occur to me . . . someone came and said trolls were attacking my kingdom. I chose the Lawful Neutral option of saying I'd handle it. And then I just went and did that.

So that's cool, actually. It's still frustrating in some respects, like when my guys that need a 2+ to hit miss 1/4 of the time (you know, exactly the odds of rolling a 1 in 20 . . . heh) or when healing potions roll 2s over and over (5 potions for 10 HP isn't really fun). But it's okay. I do like that your actions have consequences and you aren't locked in to events.

I'll keep playing.

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