Friday, January 7, 2022

Random links for 1/7/2022

Random links for today.

- Lich Van Winkle has a long post discussing the concept of "amateur thespianism" and Gygax's written thoughts on the subject.

- I've run a hexcrawl and had a lot of fun doing it. But even with small hexes - 1 mile across - there is a lot of space to search. Locations aren't all in the middle, but neither are they all instantly encountered on the edge. So where are they?

This post covers that with a nice method.

- Speaking of hexes, Doug has a nice post linking to hex makers:


Related: Hexomorpho

I need to figure out a good hex overlay, so I can have a map image and then plunk a hex map on it. I probably can do that now in IrfanView or MS Paint or something but I don't actually know how.

- I roll on random tables very seldom, but I do enjoy reading them. This one is useful for vignettes for adventurers passing through town, I think:

d100 buildings & businesses

- I have a lot of time to paint today, but I'm just not feeling it. Oh well. I'll find some other time in the upcoming week.


  1. One of the things I like about really big random tables (and I do love me a good random table) is that you don't have to treat them like random tables. They can just be used as a menu.

    1. Two thoughts, so, roll 1d2.

      1) This is why I like the Dungeon Dozen and Dungeon Alphabet so much. I don't roll on the tables but I do keep perusing the books.

      2) More actual menus should have numbers so you can roll on them like random tables. 1d8 appetizers. 1d12 entrees. 1d6 desserts. Roll the highest number on the die and go straight to the specials!

    2. All our of mine come with implied Roll or Choose baked in. If a Referee sees something that strikes their fancy, go for it! They're really just brainfood after all.

      And speaking of Food (and menus, to dovetail with Peter's response below), here are some of my random tables that I strung together for Hex Describe to produce snacks or even full entrees (refresh for more, even procedural generation sometimes results in something that even sounds tasty!). There's a place where I live that touts it's list of 100 Margaritas, and I have considered just bringing my percentile in and rolling on it! :)


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