Friday, January 21, 2022

Random Links for 1/21/2022

Random stuff for 1/21/2022

- Still playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It's amusing that you become a Baron and then suddenly have a town and a well-appointed and luxurious throne room built for you. I honestly visualized taking over the wooden fort of the Stag Lord and building out from there. The sudden jump to prosperity is . . . odd.

So is choosing to "Skip Day" three times when wounded and time advances and events happen . . . but you don't sleep or heal. I had to go to my bedroom and sleep and then skip ahead.

Still enjoying the game.

- I love the incredibly narrow focus of this game, and the detail it goes into:

Raid On St. Nazaire

- John Arendt has more on his Undermountain campaing:

Setting up Undermountain: Rules and Philosophy

- Dragonsfoot Thread: How many AD&D players knew of OD&D?

I commented as follows:

I started with Moldvay Basic Set, but played Holmes and AD&D immediately. AD&D even before I played my own Basic Set. That was 1981. I got Eldritch Wizardry and Blackmoor from a hobby store because they were cheap, and then the white box reprint from the Mail Order Hobby Shop. I still have it. So yeah, I knew about OD&D. Didn't play it, but knew it.

Oops, dead PC:

Double Damage and "Instant Death"


  1. On instant death: So, when I was a teenager playing AD&D with a bunch of older guys (20-22 or so, I believe), I played a halfling thief named Sanchez Shigezumi (names culled from the phone book). One night he was on watch and a mountain giant approached, I think with some ogres as well. I yelled out to the sleeping PCs, but also took aim at the mountain giant with my sling. I rolled a natural 20, and my DM used these rules (or similar rules). So I rolled again, and ... 20. Yes. A 3rd level halfling thief killed a mountain giant with one sling bullet. And then I changed his name to "David" after that.

    1. I can't believe you lived near a person named Shigezumi. That's an usual Japanese name.


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