Friday, January 27, 2023

Random Thoughts for 1/27/2023

Another busy work week and little time for gaming. I need "busy work week" but with "with plenty of time for gaming!"

That said, I did get in some gaming and reading.

- I'm still playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker in bits as I have time here and there. I've missed a quest I did last time, but otherwise have been a lot better about doing things in order and not short-circuiting the process. So I'm more appropriately leveled for my missions. That offends my old school mentality but also means I don't have to reload from saves after I get massacred by monsters as much as before, either. I'm still being very much Lawful Evil and it's fun, especially when I know it's a choice that leads to things I purposely avoided doing before. Plus it's fun to annoy my good-aligned companions. I tend to bring the callous (Amiri, Harrim) and ruthless (Ekundayo) and the evil (Regongar, Nok Nok) with me more often than not.

- I have a table for Fire in the Lake, but I need to get rid of my broken printer first and re-position it. So I should be set up soon for a playthrough - finally!

- I like these cross-edition analysis posts on D&D from Delta. This one is on advancement. I especially love the Gygax quote from The Dragon saying you shouldn't be higher level than their guys because you haven't played as long or as much.

- I think this Back of Beyond wargame is pretty awesome. I keenly await the next installment.

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