Monday, January 23, 2023

Revised GURPS Magic for DF - Choking

This isn't really a "revised" spell, so much as it is a clarification.

The Choking spell from GURPS Magic, p. 40, works by Suffocation (p. B436). It does not, despite the name of the spell, include any other form of injury or impairment from choking. This specifically does not include Choking as defined on p. 66 of DFRPG Exploits. You cannot breathe or speak, per the spell.

This basically means that you don't get a free stunning effect from this spell. It just works as written. You could make this include the effects of choking, but you'd want to increase the cost - probably to at least 7, maybe 8 points. It's still very dangerous, but not as much as the name - and the condition which was defined long after the spell was named - implies.

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