Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday Links & Notes 3/24/2023

- DF Denizens: Thieves came out.

- I received my print copies of Castle of the Mad Archmage. I took advantage of that deep sale for DM's day. The printouts look nice - hardback main book, softcover illustration book and map book.

- Not much reading time this week but I read through about half of the DCC Lankhmar boxed set. It's good . . . but I'll see if I can't get a review up and discuss it more fully.


  1. I really like the Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves so far, but man...there is A LOT of information in there. That's a very good thing, because it makes for a great value. And for folks who enjoy the minigame of character generation: amazing.

    How all of these play out in practice remains to be seen, and I'd be curious to see what others' experiences are. A lot of it depends, I think, on the type of situations folks find themselves in during combat. Wide open spaces? Tight corridors and a 3' wide door opening? Whether or not the Cutthroat or others are effective there really depends. The Mastermind and Tactics roll before combat would also be very interesting to see in a few sample battles. Very interesting options, good job by Christopher Rice et al.

    1. I'll post a more complete look at it soon. Short version, as always, is that nothing in the book is canon for DF Felltower until I rule it in.


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