Tuesday, March 21, 2023

More notes from Session 182

Sunday was Session 182 of DF Felltower.

Here are a few more notes on the session.

- I forgot to list two fine quotes:

"I hit him in the hit points!" - Sigur, while attacking the demon grunts.

"Welcome to the floor!" - Kel's player, when Sigur critically missed and fell down.

The second was my non-counting vote for MVP.

- I really do wonder, whenever I'm lugging an umbrella and a backpack and a door key and a phone to my house, how exactly people quickly grab up 4-5 swords and swords, a bunch of assorted potions, some carefully packed delicates, and an unconscious friend and then proceed to get around places with their weapons out and ready without penalties. Heroic fantasy, indeed.

- I said after the session that had Desmond licked up the potion that spilled to see what it was, I'd have given him 1 xp. He didn't. This is not a standing offer. It would only have been awesome had it been without thought of xp benefit.

It was a Potion of Giant's Strength. Too bad that one broke, eh? The last one I handed out - thanks to a sunk cost fallacy - basically got Vryce, Gort, and others killed.

- I rarely allow a second delve on a day, but this was a case where it made sense. I'll allow it if it makes sense again . . . but it rarely is easier and better than "return to town."

- It was nice to see Hidden Lore get used. Too bad it was used so late - it would have saved some wasted time trying to find the weak point. Demon grunts don't have them . . . just some strong points and then everywhere else.


  1. I actually have to carry around several swords - with and without sheathes - and a mail hauberk and a medium round shield to and from class, and even for about 30 feet, with most of it in a dedicated sports bag (a lacrosse bag turns out to be a perfect HEMA bag if you use swords less than about 42-45" long), it's profoundly annoying.

    I was fully expecting us to get swarmed on the way out. I'm fully expecting them to have additional traps and guards waiting for us on the next way back in.

    We stuck our hands in the meat grinder this time, got our butts handed to us, didn't find out a darn thing about the guy who was being tortured and then killed...just a Keystone Cops delve.

    1. That's why it's so amusing. "We grab all of the swords, wrap them up in a cloak, and run!" Or even better: "We strap them to a pack." Uh, yeah.

      Some of it can be fun . . . but then there is the guy who critically fails and drops his sword three times, but has been carrying two fine longswords, a backup longsword, and a wooden longsword the whole time. Heh.


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