Thursday, March 16, 2023

GURPS with more complex Retreat

I posted about getting rid of Retreat. What if you want more options?

Here are some ideas, mostly in brief. I haven't playtested any of them. I have no intention of adding any of them to DF Felltower.

Retreat without Movement - Allow for a +1/+3 defenses, but you don't move a hex back. You simply sway, give up a few inches, etc. without a full step back. This can entirely replace, or supplement, Retreat.

Followup Step - If a foe Retreats from you, you may add an extra Step to fill in the opening they create, even if you've already used up your Step or all other movement. (This prevents the 2-man shuffle, where PC A Retreats and then PC B steps into that opening using a Wait or just regular turn order.)

Retreat Upon Threat - You can Retreat even if your foe misses - as long as they attacked you.

GURPS Martial Arts has rules for forward slips already.

I think these all make for even more decision-based paralysis, but they're potential ways to expand Retreat if you feel it is good to do so.


  1. How does retreat without movement complicate things? There is no move, it just happens.

    Also, isn't that just adding +1 to most defenses? what makes it a "retreat"?

    1. The complicating factor is that you add the choice of "don't move at all" to the choice of "back, back left, or back right." This is reduced if you get rid of normal retreat and only allow no-movement retreat.

      It's not a +1 to most defenses because it only affects defenses against one opponent. This is basically a +1 or +3 to defenses if you usually have one-on-one fights, but those are the minority in my games.


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