Friday, April 13, 2012

Army Painter 1, AD&D minis Ogre 0

So I got a pot of Army Painter dip

I did the dip-and-rip method in this video:

My Grenadier hireling did okay - he's looking pretty good after the dip. He was a test run - I knew the mini was just primed, quickly base-coated and didn't have a lot of detail work to worry about. Plus he's lead and old, so I wanted him sealed tight and strong to stand up to table use.

My old AD&D Minis ogre - well, not so well. The base he was on cracked under the force of my third or fourth swing and broke off and slipped out of the pliers. He hit the ground, bounced, and ended up in a pile of dirt, fluff, fuzz, and bits of flower petals. Ugh.

I took it upstairs and washed it off as best I could, but the varnish set well enough that a little dirt clung to it, but not enough for a good, rich wash. Oh well. We'll see how it comes out when it dries. It's not a favorite mini (I'm not experimenting on my favorites) but I'd tell you to lock the pliers onto the integral base of a mini, not the glued-on base. Next time I'll spread a wide cloth, just in case.

I hope this works as advertised - if so, my next minis will be some Warhammer plastics and some old RAFM lead I'd like to have table-ready.


  1. Funny, I didn't even think that there will be dedicated dip for figures, even though I knew the technique. Anyway, please let us know how are dried minis looking. I've seen minis dipped in some kind of varnish for wood. The shades were good, but entire figures were shiny, like the one on video on 1:50 (but I think it's still wet there) and I don't like this effect.

    1. Yeah, and I used to make my own magic wash varnish, but it's a pain to do and mine kept drying out. So I spent some money so I don't have to keep re-mixing and to get a more consistent effect.

      I will let it dry until tomorrow and then hit with some Model Master Lusterless. It should take the shine off - I usually gloss coat my minis and then matte coat them and you won't even notice the gloss . . . but you get the protective chip-resistant effect.

      I am hoping it'll work just as well with this stuff!


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