Sunday, April 8, 2012

GURPS tools I like: Gemstone and Spice generators

I've been stocking my megadungeon with monsters, and now I'm filling in treasures.

A couple tools have really come in handy:

Collective_Restraint's Spice Generator and Gemstone Generator.

Both are automated versions of the tables from Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables.

I've been using them a lot and they really speed up the process of making treasure. I just need ones for, well, everything else in the book. I'd really love a whole series of tools like that based on DF8, or even a giant horde generator. DF8 is chock full of good stuff but you do end up page-flipping a lot making up treasure. That's cool when you're doing a special item or five but not when you're making up bunches and don't actually care much about the basic contents.

My one suggestion (also sent to C_R) is that it would be handy if I could click the sizing buttons afterward, so I could, say, roll up a spice and decide it's not enough, I want 2x as much, without having to hand-figure it. For spices that's easy, but for gemstones (which are valued based on a formula that weights larger stones' values) it's far from trivial.


  1. I need to build a bigger spice table. All part of my insidious plot to someday write GURPS Cooking.

    1. 1, 1-2, 1-2: Add black pepper. Roll again on the salt sub-table.


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