Saturday, April 14, 2012

Matte Finish & Army Painter

So yesterday I dipped a pair of minis in my Army Painter varnish.

The Grenadier hireling came out great. I did a very poor splash-and-drip paint job on him, and after the dip he looked really good. Like I did a much better job on him and a really even magic wash/blackwash. I sprayed him with Testor's Model Master Lacquer Overcoat #1960 Lusterless (Flat). It completely removed the shine, but the mini is just as hard-coated and well-colored as before.

I'm not sure I'd use this minis I want to look extra-sharp or which have very delicate detail painting. But most of my minis need a hard coat (I usually gloss-coat them and then flat-coat them), are just "tabletop" quality (more a limit of my skills than my intention), and aren't particularly well washed. So this is good stuff.

I'll queue up some plastics next and see how they do.

The ogre that I flung into the ground, well, he's doing okay. The bits of plant grue I couldn't get off is varnished on and it's there to stay barring a re-paint, which isn't going to happen. I'll re-base him and matte spray him later.

(I tried to take a picture but my camera isn't so good for minis detail, so it didn't come out well enough to post).

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