Wednesday, April 11, 2012

OGRE Designer's Edition

At long last, the giant mega-game version of the Microgames/SJG classic Ogre is coming out.

Ogre Designer's Edition

The Kickstarter for this massive game is already fully funded, so just go choose what you want and back it already.

I remember first seeing this game in the little basement gaming shop in the Bergen Mall. One unit versus an array of enemies? Oh, we have to get that . . . it took a while, but I did.

Now I've got the pocket box version, GEV, Shockwave, Ogre Miniatures, The Ogre Book (my second copy, someone absconded with my first copy), Battlesuit (the pocket box individual infantryman game), at least one of every single Ogre Miniatures boxed set, Deluxe Ogre, Deluxe GEV . . . and I'm going to get this eventually, too.

Now I just need opponents!

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