Sunday, December 15, 2013

DF Felltower Goblins

As requested, here are the goblins from Felltower.

10 points
Choice Professions: Scout, Thief.
Marginal Professions: Barbarian, Knight.

Goblins are gray-, red-, orange-, or yellow-skinned little guys. They aren't as stupid as most other goblin-kin, and are quite agile, but they are weak and small. Their cowardice doesn't help them any, either. They are often found being bullied by Hobgoblins or enslaved by Orcs. They aren't as inherently unpleasant as orcs or hobgoblins, and if they can overcome their cowardice they make passing adventurers and hirelings. Goblins aren't any less smart than normal humans, but they love to act like they don't know, don't understand, or don't get something so they can avoid either work or danger.

Attribute Modifiers: ST-1 [-10]; DX+1 [20]; HT+1 [10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP+1 [2]; SM-1 [0].
Advantages: Infravision [10]; Rapid Healing [5]; Teeth (Sharp) [1].
Disadvantages: Appearance (Ugly) [-8]; Cowardice (12) [-10]; Social Stigma (Savage) [-10].

Goblin PCs can buy up the self-control rating on Cowardice (to 15) and [-5], bringing racial cost to 15 points, but never fully buy it off.


  1. I agree with having goblins be as intelligent as humans. I always think of them as being sneaky and cunning while orcs are duller and more aggressive

  2. Can Goblins pick up Giant Weapons at character creation like Gnomes/Halflings?

    1. Sure.

      I tend to restrict people's actions in game by the size of their larger-sized weapon, though - a Halfling (SM-2) with a human-sized rapier (Reach 1, 2) doesn't get to crawl around easily in SM-1 sized holes, for example. The weapon is still big!


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