Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Replacement Characters in DF Felltower

Over on the SJG forums, there is an interesting thread dealing with the problem of replacing a permanently dead or retired character.

How does it get done in Felltower?

It's pretty simple - your new character is a starting character.

Regardless of whether you are replacing a dead PC, or adding a new guy to the group, or just joining play in the first place, you make up a new character from scratch.

- 250+50+5 (250 points, 50 max disadvantages, 5 quirks).

- You start with $1000, although once you show up it's fine (and normal) to get helped out by the vets. You just can't get that money on your initial loadout, so equip yourself how you'd want to be equipped for your first trip.

- You are assumed to either know, or know a friend of, one of the group. Or have met them off-screen so you're ready to be integrated into the group as soon as you show up.

It doesn't matter how or why you died. It doesn't matter how or why you retired. This game is all about taking you from the (very solid) starting point of DF and fighting your way to death or glory. No one gets a let up on their starting abilities.

I don't play that way all the time, but it's the name of the game we're playing these days!

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