Sunday, December 22, 2013

DF Felltower NPC: Basher the Thug

Here is another NPC from my DF Felltower game. He's a volunteer hireling, and kind of a dirtbag. He's made up according to total whim, not a template or anything else. His race truly is unknown, and the nice thing about GURPS 4e is that you can do that - the it costs what it costs aspect of the rules means it matters little if he's ST 15 because he's non-human or because he's just that big.

It's worth noting that my players like this guy a lot, because he's so tough, and they aren't afraid of his untrustworthy nature at all.

Basher the Thug

Basher is big, he's swarthy, he's hairy, and he's going to bash your face in if you look at him funny. No one, including Basher, is quite sure what he is. Semi-human is the joke. Human-ish. Ape-like. He looks like someone crossed a human, an orc, and a gorilla with an angry ogre and then strategically shaved the result. Basher is pretty simple - he likes to hit stuff, drink stuff, and loot stuff. You can trust him as far as you can kill him, pretty much, but he's strong and durable, and that's hard to turn down in a hireling.

He is up for hire, but also will volunteer to go on trips to Felltower when he needs money.

ST 15 HP 15 Speed 5.75
DX 11 Will 9 Move 5
IQ 9 Per 9
HT 12 FP 12
Dodge 8 Parry (Club) 9

Oversized Knobbed Club (14): 2d+4 crush, Reach 1, SM+1 weapon.
Large Knife (11): 2d cut (C, 1) or 1d+1 impale (C).

Traits: Barbarian DR 1; Bloodlust (9); Bully (6); Fit; Giant Weapons; Greed (9); Hard to Kill 1; Mr. Smash 1; Wealth: Poor.
Quirks: Only picks on people a lot smaller than him; Thinks everyone is just as trustworthy as he is.

Skills: Axe/Mace-14; Brawling-12; Carousing-12; Knife-11; Stealth-10; Wrestling-12.
Equipment: Boots (DR2); Clothing; Light Leather (torso, arms, legs); Oversized Knobbed Club; Personal Basics; Pouch; Wineskin (1 quart capacity).

Notes: Death check is at a 14 thanks to Fit and Hard to Kill; on a 14 he does appear dead but he's still okay. On a 15 or 16 he's merely Mortally Wounded.

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  1. I can see why your players like this guy. The description gave me a good idea about who he is.


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